only the boldest students who boldly Do Lunch Different get an invite to BOLD Music Festival





Eat Lunch With Random Students Challenge

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If, friendships are the most valuable thing in the world. Then, turning a stranger into a friend is the most valuable skill in the world!

Harvard's 75 year study revealed strong relationships to be the strongest predictor of life satisfaction.

Since 1985, the number of Americans who have no friends to confide in has tripled ~ American Sociological Review

Friendships are more precious than gold or silver ~ Ancient Proverb

We Want You To Succeed

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One of the life’s most valuable skills is the ability to turn a stranger into a friend. Google, Microsoft, and Apple were started by friends. Three companies, started by friends, have created over a trillion dollars of wealth – that’s enough money to give every DFW high school student $2,8 million dollars. Our mission is to equip you with the valuable life-long skill of turning strangers into friends. 

The DLD Challenge encourages and rewards you for being bold and courageous to eat lunch with random students from your grade.  In doing so, you help reduce school bullying and build a stronger culture at your school  

Become An Ambassador
the first DFW high school to reach 10 Ambassadors per grade will receive a Soultainment Studios movie premiere launch party @ their school


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$1,000,000 in gifts

Top Ambassadors Receive 7 Day Cruise, Role In A Movie, Lifetime BOLD event tickets
The Principle of Winning School Receives A 7 Day Cruise Too!

  • Ambassadors From Winning School Get Three Additional EDM tickets
    Winning School’s Top 3 Ambassadors get a role in a  Soutlaiment Studios movie
    Winning School’s Top 3 Ambassadors From Each Grade Level Get Lifetime Soultainment Streaming Subscription
    Winning School’s Top 3 Ambassadors From Each Grade Receive 2 Lifetime Tickets To BOLD events
    Winning School’s Top 3 Ambassadors From Each Grade Level Get 7 Day Cruise
    Ambassadors at Winning School Get Professional Modeling Package
    Winning School’s Ambassadors Get VIP Tickets To BOLD party
    Winning School’s Senior Ambassadors Audition For 2018 US DLD Challenge Traveling Reality Series
    Winning School’s Ambassadors Get To Attend 3 Day Entrepreneurship Workshop
    Ambassadors from winning school get a limited, edition signed DLD founder’s upcoming book and a copy of every book that the DLD founder releases
    Winning School’s Top 3  Get Golden Passes(to be revealed)

  • At each school, each day of competition forty $5 gift cards are awarded.
    Every student that participates in the DLD challenge receives a digital copy of Remove One Thing.

  • All DLD’rs from winning school gets 3-year  Streaming Subscription
    All DLD’rs from winning school gets a limited, edition by DLD founder.
    Winning School’s Top 50 DLD’rs Get To Attend 3 Day Entrepreneurship Worksop
    Winning School’s Top 25 DLD’rs receive $500 Gift Card
    Winning School’s Top 12 DLD’rs receive $100 Gift Card

  • All Ambassadors receive the damp  DLD Ambassador kit that includes; limited edition t-shirts, hats, posters.
    Get recognized for impacting your school.  
    DLD App Ambassador Security Level
    Invite to the BOLD EDM event




As ambassadors, you help promote the competition within your school and play an instrumental part in winning the DLD competition. You also receive some pretty cool Ambassador stuff to promote the challenge, plus some amazing gifts.  We encourage you to register today. If you are one of the first three students at your school that registers to become a DLD Ambassador you get a special gift.

Become An Ambassador

Who knows, after we get done impacting 350,000 students lives, we might  consider launching the DFW DLD Church Challenge or DFW DLD Business Challenge

Two hundred high schools of 2000 or more students must register in-order to unlock all $1,000,000 gifts.