Big Donor

Wow. Your company is awesome for considering a $1.5 million dollar contribution. You’re beyond awesome, you’re EPIC. Your gift of $1.5 million dollars will forever impact the life’s of 350,000 DFW students. Your company will go down in history as the company that equipped hundreds of thousands of students the skills to succeed in life. We love you. The students will love and appreciate you too!

The Generous Donor of $1,500,000 Receive The Following Donor Gifts*
Title Sponsorship The DFW HS DLD Competition
Enterprise Lifetime ZinkUz License
Employee receives Lifetime Soultainment Studios Streaming Pass
2 Weeks Onsite Mobile Studio to provide professional headshots, family photos, and pet portraits**
Employees receive a digital copy of the DLD founders upcoming book
Once A Year Keynote speech from DLD Founder**
Two weeks, onsite Fulltential workshops
Two weeks, Fulltential Train-The-Trainer Certification
Lifetime Access To The Fulltential Assessment Tool
Soultainment Studios Premiere Movie Launch At Your Company HQs

**excludes Hawaii and Alaska
***The book will have custom content about the donor company
*****reward valid for as long as employee remains at company
***** nonprofit must have less employees than donor company

Thank you for your support. 

DLD Donor Prizes are limited to US citizens  and US-based Corporations 
Donor identities are kept anonymous unless otherwise specified by donor