Big Donor Corp

With your generous financial support, together we can equip students with one of life’s most valuable skills, the ability to turn a stranger into a friend. The goal is to raise $1.5 million dollars to launch DLD challenges in 200 high schools and impact the lives of 500,000 students. You don’t have to be part of Apple, Google or Microsoft  to give and you can give before the competition begins.  Every dollar amount contributed helps us reach our goal. No donation is too small, no donation is too big.  We wouldn’t turn down a big check from a  person or company with a big heart that could help us reach our goal immediately. If we raise more than $1.5 million, we’ll just launch DLD’s in more schools. 

The Generous Donor of $1,500,000 Receive The Following Donor Gifts*
Exclusive Sponsorship for the Apple vs Google vs Microsoft DLD Challenge
Title Sponsorship For The DLD Challenge 200 High School Tour 
Lifetime ZinkUz License 
12 Weeks Onsite Mobile Studio to provide professional head shots, family photos, and pet portraits**
Employees receive a of  “Remove One Thing, Improve Everything” book***
Keynote speech,  “Remove One Thing, Improve Everything”
Two weeks, onsite “Remove One Thing, Improve Everything” workshops
Two weeks, Fulltential Train-The-Trainer Certification
Lifetime Access To The Remove One Thing Assessment Tool
Sponsor selects a nonprofit to receive all of the above donor gifs
Employees receive lifetime online access to Soultainment Studios’ movies.****

**excludes Hawaii and Alaska
***The book will have custom content about the donor company
*****reward valid for as long as employee remains at company
***** nonprofit must have less employees than donor company

Thank you for your support. 

DLD Donor Prizes are limited to US citizens  and US-based Corporations 
Donor identities are kept anonymous, unless otherwise specified by donor 
Facebook is immune from all future public DLD Challenges