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With your generous financial support, together we can equip students with one of life’s most valuable skills, the ability to turn a stranger into a friend. The goal is to raise $1 million dollars to launch DLD challenges through DFW high schools and impact the lives of 350,000 students.  Every dollar amount contributed helps us reach our goal. No donation is too small, no donation is too big.  We wouldn’t turn down a big check from a company or with a big heart.


$330K goes towards DLD Ambassador students marketing kits. There will be twelve to fifteen Ambassadors per grade level. The kits includes: hats, t-shirts, bracelets, posters, flyers.  Maybe we’ll throw in a Pokémon GO character – NO.

$900K goes towards $5 gift cards to incentivize students to participate in the DLD Challenge. Heck, UBER started out by incentivizing taxi drivers by paying them to sit and wait for UBER customers. It would be great to get some local and national companies to donate prizes too. Our survey showed that 90% of students would do DLD if it incentivized.



$270K goes towards the DLD reward gifts and to throw the BOLD event reward party. 

Donations over $125 receive
6×11 Limited Edition Commemorative Signed Post Card
Limited Edition Commemorative DLD Challenge T-Shirt
A limited edition, signed copy of  “Remove One Thing, Improve Everything”

Help Bring The DLD Challenge To Our Schools

Donate Any Amount
Upon donation checkout, you’ll see ZinkUz, Inc.  ZinkUz is the company that created The DLD Challenge.

Donations by phone (855) 294-6589

Donations Over $1000  receive
Lifetime Soultainment Studios Streaming Pass
Digital editions of every book the DLD founder writes
And Invite To DLD Founder’s Entrepreneurship Workshop
(transportation and lodging not provided)

I think you know what we want you to do!

Thank you for your support. 

DLD Donor gifts are limited to US citizens  and US-based Corporations 
Donor identities are kept anonymous unless otherwise specified by donor 

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