Our Story




“I was born and raised in South Africa during apartheid. I was fortunate to finally see my country become free from this awful oppression.  My heart goes out to help women, children and families in need. Before I moved to the USA, almost two decades ago, I was part of  helping South African orphanages and  feeding poverty  stricken families. It was an honor to serve on the Doulos ship that traveled around South Africa helping people  in need. I’ve witnessed first hand children starving to death and the damaging blow that poverty has on  a community and a country. It’s my life’s mission to serve &  help people.” Mala, ZinkUz Co-Founder

“I was bullied daily in high school. I walked the school’s hallways in constant fear. I loved learning but I hated going to school because I was always afraid. I didn’t fit in. On top of that, I had a very low self-esteem and low confidence. The DLD Challenge is about going back through time to fix the horrible experience I had in high school. It’s about righting a wrong. It’s about giving students something I didn’t have – a fun, easy, and Ninja-like way of making new friends in school  without being called out. I would have given my right arm to have a DLD Challenge at my school.” ~ Paul, ZinkUz Co-Founder



“I was born and raised in Southern California. I have been fortunate to have traveled to Africa, Tokyo, India, England, Haiti, and Thailand before I was twenty three. My friendships have played an important role in opening the doors that have allowed me to travel the world. My heart is for the youth of this nation and to equip them with the skills necessary to succeed in life. Recently, I’ve been part of a Dallas team that goes into high schools doing motivational pep rallies.“ ~ Cain, Team Captain

The DLD Challenge isn’t about us, fame or fortune. It’s about achieving our goal of making an impact in the lives of 500,00 high school students. We kindly ask Microsoft and Google please do not delete our email accounts and anything that we have stored on your cloud servers because of The DLD Challenge. 

  • We pledge that our company will be employee-owned.
    We pledge to value our team members and put them first.
    We pledge to create a culture that is A.O.F. – Absence of Fear.
    We  pledge to cherish, maintain, and repair relationships between our team members.
    We pledge to earn a salary of that of the average salary of our team.
    We pledge to keep creating, inventing, writing, and teaching things that positively impact the world.
    We pledge to share the things we own with the team.
    We pledge to eat with a random people every month.
    We pledge to release our tax records.
    We pledge to forgive and learn from people’s mistakes. 
    We pledge to attain B-Corp status.
    We pledge that all lives matter.
    We pledge to build a team of people that are compassionate, courageous, and value relationships.
    We pledge that it will take a  public town-hall unanimous vote to remove a person from our team. 
    We pledge that the team can agree on things to buy and share among the team. Things like, motorcycles, RV’s, jet skis, ATV’s, paintball guns, RC cars, scooters, Segway, jet board,  boats, limos, children bounce  houses, DJ equipment.
    We  pledge to change any pledge items if the team agrees by a public, town-hall unanimous vote.
    We pledge to live in a non-gated community and maintain relationships with our neighbors.
    We pledge to have fun events with our team and their family members on a weekly or monthly basis. 
    We pledge to stay in shape, eat right and take care of my health.
    We pledge to contribute as much profits to help the less fortunate, as the team unanimously agrees to give away.
    We pledge with the income we – the founders –  make to use it to impact the world by building amazing orphanages, eradicating poverty, investing in education, help end sex trafficking. 

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