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Beliefs, Passions, and Vision
We’re surrounding ourselves around passionate people that are purpose-driven to change the world. We love what we do. We love the mission of our company. We want to work with like-minded, talented people whose goal is to impact the world too!


We’re passionate about injecting friendships into organizations; like, schools, businesses, and nonprofitsWe believe one of life’s most valuable skills is the ability to turn a stranger into a friend. We believe great friendships are priceless, more precious than gold.  Apple, Google, and Microsoft were started by two friends and their companies have created $1.2 trillion dollars of wealth – that’s the value of one tenth of all the gold in the world. What did Harvard’s  75-year study reveal about happiness?  That, love and relationships are the key to a purposeful and happy life.

“We envision a day when eating with random people within an organizations becomes the norm” ~ ZinkUz, Founders

Join Our Team
The DLD Challenge will soon be launching. We hope it creates a lot of buzz and momentum. If it does, we’ll need to expand our team to keep it moving forward. If you’re interested in being part of a team, that cares more about impacting the world more than it does lining its pockets, then fill out the team application.  Volunteering  your time and skills is another way you can contribute to help bring The DLD Challenge to hundreds of high schools.  Do you have to move to join the team or volunteer? Nope. 

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    We’re not accepting applications for full-time team positions from employees of Facebook or Google without a letter from either HR or a direct supervisor that states that it is OK for the employee to apply  for a full-time team position.

Thank you so much for considering to join our team.

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